Brand: Xmas Tree Warehouse
Product Code: FL-LED200CGY
Availability: Available
Ex Tax: $81.82

200 LED Christmas tree lights Warm White

Comprises of a complete set of 2 x strings LED connector lights (160 + 40 ) complete with a transformer and an 8 function adaptor

This concept allows you to decorate your Christmas tree with a 40 LED`s on the tree top of your Christmas tree and 160 LED`s for the other section of the tree


  • 200 LED’s Indoor/Outdoor
  • 1 x Transformer (Should be protected from the weather)
  • 1 x  8 Function adaptor (controller) - (Should be protected from the weather)
  • 40m length:1 x 32m (160 LED's) 1 x 8m (40 LED's)
  • Green cord with the 160 LED string connecting lights direct to the transformer and 1 string of 40 LED lights with male connector on one end 
  • LED Colour: Warm White (Soft Yellow)

Available in:

  • 1 colour only

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