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Ideal for hotel lobbies, shopping centres, public walkways, stairwells or any high ceilings, this narrow tree type garland offers a display which can be decorated and lit to your requirements

The combination of soft foliage and hard needles which have been spaced at different lengths along a brown wrapped central wire creates a natural pine look, each tip is wired to allow it to be decorated or lit

The 3-dimensional effect makes the display visible from all sides, hanging like an upside-down Christmas tree with the narrow pointy tip at the bottom and the wider part at the top 

We can light and decorate any garland for a nominal charge


  • 429 tips x wired tips, foliage 
  • Tips area mixture of hard needle, feature tip, and soft foliage 
  • The triangular garland is 61cm wide at the top and tapers down to a single tip at the bottom
  • A central wire allows the garland to hang straight down in a "Stalactite" effect and is visible from all sides
  • Length: 1.83m
  • A 5year warranty
  • Colour: Two Tone Green

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