We make a variety of styles of Traditional Garlands and 2 sizes of Swag Garlands as well as Commercial Garlands and Commercial Swags.

Alberta Spruce Garland: Available in 2.74m, green or white and green with iced frosted tips.

Balsam Fir Garland: Available in 2.74m with the latest European type white frosted mix of PE tips 

Cigar Garland: Available in 1.52m and 2.74m, green (ideal for hanging agross passages or walk-ways)

Geneva Pine Table Garland :  Available in 1.83m, green - Hard Needle

Glendale Pine GarlandAvailable in 2.74m - very natural with assorted size matching trees

New Hampshire Pine Garland: Available in 2.74m, two tone green

Pitch Pine Garland: Available in 2.74m and two colours green and blue geen

Triangular Hanging Wall Garland: Available in 1.52m and 2.74, green (ideal for hanging dowanward against a wall or ballastrade)

Deluxe Triangular Hanging Wall Garland: Available in 91cm,1.52m,1.83m and 2.74 greeni 3 dimensional (ideal as a central walk-way display)

In our Commercial Range

We offer a Commercial grade Garland in 2.74m in green and Commercial Swags in 2 lengths 2.74m and 1.52m, in green

The Alberta Spruce Garland Green and The New Hampshire Pine Garland, Two Tone Green, have matching Wreaths, Sprays and Centrepieces to create a complete Christmas theme.

The Alberta Spruce Garland with iced forested tips has a matching 61cm wreath.

The Geneva Pine Table Garland has a matching 61cm wreath.

Please visit our Tinsel Garland page where we offer commercial tinsel in 3 different widths, 25mm, 100mm, 150mm which is 5.5m long, in assorted colours and if you prefer, natural, soft, type tinsel, the Forest Garland, in 3 colour choices. Green, green silver and green gold.

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