Q: What is a "Hinged Tree"?

A: Trees which are plush , but instead of the "HOOK ON" type branches, the branches are HINGED onto the pole and fold out for quick assembly or dismantle. 

Q: What is a "Hook on Tree"?

A: Trees where the branches are seperate and can therefore be "Hooked On" to the centre pole. Each "Socket" (that holds the branches on the pole) has a colour code beneath the socket which matches to the the colour on the hook end of the branch

Q: What is "Floor Space Requried"?

A: We measure the bottom layer of branches when fully opened and then allow a little extra space all around and this is what we call "Floor Space Required"  This gives you an idea of the area you require to erect the tree

Q: What do you mean by "Tips", "Needles"?

A: This is the folage (leaves) on each branch. By counting the number of tips we can tell you how many tips there are in the tree, wreath, garland, centre piece or spray

Q: What is the difference between Hard Needles, Soft Needles, PVC and PE needles

A: There are 3 tip types that we use. The differences are as follows:

PE TIPS (Polyethylene)

PE tip is a plastic leaf moulded as 1 complete piece.

PE is very flammable, so we add flame retardant chemicals to the mix as it is moulded.

PE tips are very popular in Europe and America as they are very realistic.

The shape depends on the design of the mould. Tips are usually from 13cm to 25cm long. This is the most expensive type of tip, and the cost per piece is determined by the size and complexity of the mould and the amount of plastic used in the tip.

A PE tip can be a single strand (or "1 way")  so there is a central strand with needles coming off. In the centre of the tip is a strand of steel wire, to give strength to the tip and allow ornaments to be hung off it. There are also 3 way, 5 way and 7 way tips in some of our PE trees

PVC Tips (Polyvinyl chloride)

PVC is inherently flame retardant, so nothing has to be added to it, and can be either Soft needle or Hard needle


These are single piece tips made from strands of PVC that are extruded to form "needles" (looks like real pine needles).

Needle Thickness for hard needle tips is usually between 0.35mm and 0.45 mm. We use 0.45 mm thickness.


This tip type is made from PVC film. It is the most common type of tip produced for Artificial Christmas trees 

Thickness of the PVC film can range between 0.07mm and 0.15 mm (we normally use 1 ply of 0.15mm and 1 ply of 0.10 mm material) to manufacture our tips.

Usually 2 different layers of PVC film are cut to the required length, and then spun together with a narrow serrated strip in the centre and 2 strands of steel wire to form a single soft needle tip. 

This is called a "2-ply" tip, a 2 ply tip will be more expensive than a single ply tip and improves the quality and appearance of the tree

Q: What do you mean by 2 ply

A: See above under SOFT-NEEDLE TIP

Q: What do you mean "Come off the Floor"?

A: If we say the branches are "off the floor" the bottom layer of branches is about 25cm to 40cm above the floor.

Q: What do you mean "Reach close the Floor"?

A: If we say the branches "reach close the floor" the bottom layer of branches is about 4cm to 20cm above the floor.

Q: How can I make our tree taller or put presents under a "reach close to the floor" the tree?

A: We sell an Extention Pole which allows you to increase the height by 15cm. Please use this device by inserting into your stand provided, followed by the first tree pole. The extention pole can only be used if your tree is between 1.22m and 2 28m

Q: How will I pay for my order and do you accept all credit cards

A: Once you have received your Pro-Forma/Order/Invoice, you can phone us with your credit card details, Visa, Mastercard or Amex (no surcharge is applied) or direct deposit into our bank - details are printed at the bottom of the page of your invoice.

Q: Do I get a tree stand with my tree

A: Yes,every tree has its own stand included

Q: What are the Affilate terms and conditions

A: Any business or association, corporation or trade including other type organisations not associated with The Xmastree Warehouse will receive a commission from The Xmastree Warehouse of 5% should they refer a customer to us which results in a sale

Q: What does RMA mean

A: Return Merchandise Authority