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Product Code: 30-112-POP04
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3ft Ponderosa Pine Christmas Tree Green 91cm

A unique design combining PVC tips-foliage 14cm wide hard needle and 2 types of soft needle-foliage 6cm

The hard needle cone tips-foliage are a lighter shade of green on the outside ends and darker green on the inside.

The combination of darker green and lighter green tips makes this pine one of the most realistic artificial trees produced.

Ideal for counter top or coffee table


  • Single piece
  • Made with 14cm hard needles-foliage + 6cm and 4cm soft needles-foliage
  • 1 piece tree with 112 x tips
  • Ideal for a coffee table or counter
  • Complete with plastic stand
  • Branches come close to the floor
  • Packed in a polybag
  • A picture of your tree fully assembled for you to copy
  • Colour: Dark Green

Available in:

Height 91m
Floor Space Required 26cm
No of Tips 112
Branch Type Single piece with stand
Colour Green

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