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Product Code: 30-109-ALP04B
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3ft Alpine Spruce in Burlap covered base 91cm

Perfect for a small apartment, office, coffee table, mantlepiece or counter top.

The 61cm and 91cm versions of the Alpine Spruce comes complete with a Burlap covered stand, this natural material gives the ilusion of a potted Artificial Christmas tree. 


  • Single piece
  • Complete with Burlap covered stand
  • Branches are off the floor
  • Packed in a sturdy reusable carton
  • A picture of your tree fully assembled for you to copy
  • Colour: Green


  • In 2 sizes of table model in 91cm and 61cm
Height 91cm
Floor Space Required 66cm
No of Tips 109
Branch Type one piece with Burlap covered stand
Colour green

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