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8ft Pre Lit Commercial Scandia Spruce Christmas Tree Hinged 2.44m - With 720 Warm White LED Lights

The Scandia Spruce can be found in both commercial and residential areas all over the world, making this range suitable for the home, office, store, club, hotel and shopping centres.

It is currently our most popular export tree. Offering a wide range of sizes in the hook-on format, 2 sizes in the hinged format Deluxe or 2 sizes in the Commercial format and 5 options of pre-lit (manufactured to order)

Included in the range are: -

A unique designed Half Tree 2.13m which stands flat against the wall and a Corner tree 2.13m which can fit into a corner area

2 sizes of hinged upside-down trees 2.13m and 2.44m both can be pre lit

1 size of a hinged Spiral 2.28m tree which can be pre lit

The commercial hinged Scandia is a very plush, soft needle spruce with 6.5cm wide round tips, we have hinged the branches in sections to the central pole which allows for a quick and easy assembly - just connect the 3 pole sections to the stand, drop the branches (which are hinged to the centre pole) add the tree top and then shape the tips-foliage 

Connect the LED strings to the connectors, splitter box or adaptor box then connect the transformer to the power, and you can begin to decorate.

Pre-Lit Trees: -

2 x Commercial tree options with LED`s are available in static warm white (soft yellow) *576 x LED's (2.13m) and 720 x LED's, (2.44m)

1 x Deluxe tree option is available with 8 x functions warm white (soft Yellow) *560 x LED's (2.13m)

3 x Deluxe tree options are available with 2 functions (static or twinkling) with *700 x LED's and 3 selections of colours warm white, white or multi-colour (2.13m)

3 x Deluxe tree options are available with 2 functions (static or twinkling) with *800 x LED's and 3 selections of colours warm white, white or multi-colour (2.44m)


*LED's are guaranteed for 12 months - The TREE is guaranteed for 10 YEARS


  • Hinged branches to the central pole (All our hinged tree branches are constructed with metal hinges - no plastic
  • 12 Layers and 86 Hinged Branches
  • 3 sections to assemble and then drop branches and add the treetop
  • Light connection diagram (LED`s have a 1-year warranty)
  • Complete with a sturdy metal stand at no extra charge.
  • An assembly instruction for each pole section and branch drop down diagram
  • A free shaping, and decorating guide for your Christmas tree
  • A picture of your tree fully assembled for you to copy
  • A 10-year warranty card for tree and tree parts (LED`s have a 1-year warranty)
  • Branches reach close to the floor
  • Strong cardboard carton to store your tree for the next season
  • Colour: Dark green

Available in:

  • In 8 sizes Green 1.83m2.13m2.44m3.05m3.66m4.26m5.03m and 6m
  • In 2 sizes White 1.22m and 2.13m
  • In 2 sizes Green Hinged Deluxe 2.13m and 2.44m (can be pre-lit)
  • In 2 sizes Green Hinged Commercial 2.13m and 2.44m (can be pre-lit)
  • In 2 sizes Green hinged Deluxe pre lit 2.13m and 2.44m with 5 options of lighting (see hinged pre-lit) or you can order the number of lights you require for your specially lit tree
  • In a Half tree 2.13m 
  • In a Corner tree 2.13m
  • In a upside-down tree 2.13m and 2.44m can be pre- lit
  • In a Spiral Hinged Pine Tree Green 2.28m can be pre-lit
Height 2.44m
Floor Space Required 137cm
No of Tips 2074
Branch Type Hinged
Lights 720 warm whit LED's static
Colour Dark Green

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