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6.5ft Vienna Spruce Christmas Tree White 1.98m

The most loved tree in our range, the Vienna Spruce offers soft tufted tips, perfect to the touch and safe for the children.

Made with 8½cm wide tips-foliage this design gives the tree a very natural appearance.

The foliage is brought forward at the end of each branch so that the wire appears to be recessed.

We also produce a Slim version of this tree ( see Slim Vienna Spruce

Manufactured in 7 sizes including the option of 2 x WHITE UV sabilised Christmas trees in 1.98m and 2.28m.

The colour of the white foliage-tips which is UV stablised on the Christmas tree is excluded from our 10 YEAR warranty.


  • Made with 8.5cm soft White needles-foliage UV stabilised
  • 7 Layers and 45 Branches
  • Complete with a sturdy metal stand at no extra charge
  • An assembly instruction leaflet
  • A free shaping, lighting and decorating guide for your Christmas tree
  • A picture of your tree fully assembled for you to copy
  • A branch count, colour indication and positioning on pole leaflet
  • A 5 year warranty on all metal parts (The colour of the white foliage (tips) on the Christmas tree is excluded from our 5 YEAR warranty)
  • Strong cardboard cartons to store your tree for the next season
  • Branches come close to the floor
  • Colour: White 

Available in:

Height 1.98m
Floor Space Required 135cm
No of Tips 826
Branch Type Hook on
Colour White

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