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Alberta Spruce Wreath - Green - With 40 Led Battery Lights - 61cm

We have added LED's to the wreath which uses 3 x "D" cell (torch) batteries.
The battery box at the back of the wreath is water resistant and has a built in timer with 5 x functions: 
On – Twinkle or On – Static
Timer – Twinkle or Timer – Static  
The Timer gives you the option of the lights staying on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours.
Once you have set your function, the memory in that function will continue until you switch off or change the function or batteries
Our tests found that setting the timer kept the lights working for 28 days.
The (tips) foliage is 6cm wide.



  • Strong wire frame
  • 190 tips
  • 61cm diameter
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Lights 1 year warranty
  • Colour: Wreath Dark Green and LEDs Warm White

Available in:

  • 2 sizes green 46cm with 20 LEDs and 61cm with 40 LEDs

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