Brand: Xmas Tree Warehouse
Product Code: FL-R160LEDTPP
Availability: Available
Ex Tax: $45.45

White Christmas Tree and Wedding  LED Rice Lights x 160 Purple/Pink with Translucent cord

Rice lights ( micro size LED`s ) to create a lighting concept for your Christmas tree or wedding function with Purple/Pink LED`s and Translucent cord, complete with a transformer and an 8 function adaptor


  • 160LED’s Indoor/Outdoor
  • 8 Function Adaptor ( Should be protected from the weather )
  • 1 x Transformer ( Should be protected from the weather )
  • Length 8m
  • 4m cord to first light
  • Translucent cord
  • LED Colour: Purple/Pink

Available in:

  • Blue, Multi, White ,Purple pink  - with green cord
  • White, Purple/Pink with Translucent cord 

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