Brand: Xmas Tree Warehouse
Product Code: EL-416INACORNGY-I
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Commercial LED x 416 Warm White Light ACORN Capped with Green cord

416 LED Warm White lights (soft yellow) LED with Acorn Cap, green cord, STATIC, complete with Indoor Transformer.


  • 416 LED’s Indoor
  • 4 x Strings
  • Connector box with safety fuse
  • Indoor Transformer (Should be protected from the weather)
  • Static
  • Length 31m each string - 30cm spacing
  • Green cord
  • LED Colour: Warm White (soft yellow)

Available in:

  • White and Warm White light with green cord and Outdoor transformer
  • White light with green cord and Indoor transformer
  •  Warm White light with white cord and Indoor transformer

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