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With the help of Shopping Centre Installers and Display Managers we have designed a garland ideal for foyers and shopping centre walkways.

Visible from above and below as well as all sides or by moving the tips to each side can create a display suitable for all types of lights and decorations.

We can light any garland for a nominal charge

The Cigar Garland green theme is also available in a Wreath, Swag, Centrepiece and Spray and matches the Scandia Christmas tree in our traditional section.


  • 550 tips (foliage)
  • Tip (foliage) soft foliage wired
  • Cigar garland is 34cm wide in the centre and narrows to each side to 20cm
  • Single steel pole in centre of garland with 2 x eye hooks inserted into pole 100cm apart suitable for hanging
  • Length 152cm
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Colour: Dark Green

Available in:

  • 2 sizes 1.52m and 2.74m in green 

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