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Premium Christmas tree

The Paramount Spruce Christmas tree is the result of 7 years of research and development to design an indoor and outdoor tree able to fill our requirements of a large commercial quality artificial tree, natural in appearance. 

This indoor tree requires no certificate and is structurally safe up to 12m.

The outdoor tree is supplied with an Australian Structural Engineers Certificate and is safe and able to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.

You can choose a prelit model or an unlit model and light the tree on site (special Christmas tree LED’s and commercial decorations are available from our warehouse).



  • Made with 7 cm wide PVC soft needles (foliage) which have been UV inhibited
  • A strong base  frame “OCB” which will require weight bearing devices to be supplied by the purchaser, according to local safety requirements and Structural Engineer’s recommendations
  • An Australian Structural Engineers Design Certificate including drawings and Ballast requirements for both weight and position of ballast on base “OCB”
  • 28,995 tips (foliage)
  • If prelit we add to the tree 5,928 capped commercial outdoor LED lights (57 strings of 104 LED`s 0.03watt each) drawing power from 14+1 x transformers 24v. Standard outdoor/indoor power outlets required
  • Choice of 2 colours of lights Warm White or Ice White
  • Each panel will have 104 LED Lights and 4 panels connect to one transformer
  • Each leaf has strong/stiff wire inside to help maintain shape and for attaching ornaments.
  • A base diameter of 4.35m
  • A metal frame to which panels of branches are attached is powder coat painted
  • The metal frame is made of very strong steel sections that easily bolt together withstainless steel nuts and bolts.
  • The frame can be climbed upon during construction and assembly, which means that it is not necessary to use a Cherry Picker, a crane or scaffolding during construction (Please check your local safety requirements)
  • 55 branch panels, plus a tree top section.
  • Each branch panel is comprised of sixteen hinged galvanizedbranches of varying lengths (to add depth and dimension to the tree)  Each branch is secured to a central support
  • The centre support pole of the branch panel is secured onto the frame at two points
  • An assembly instruction booklet and CD with detailed assembly photos
  • The tree is quite fast to assemble or dis-assemble
  • A 5 year warranty on tree
  • A 1 year warranty  on lights
  • Strong cardboard cartons to store the panels for the next season
  • Wooden crate to store the disassembled frame
  • Branches come close to the floor
  • Colour: Dark Green

Available in:

Height 8m
Floor Space Required 4.35m
No of Tips 28,995
Branch Type Hinged Panels
Colour Green

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