Brand: Triumph Tree
Product Code: 140-5980-OSLO04-XS
Availability: Available
Ex Tax: $5,032.73

Australian Design

A wide base deluxe large Indoor Christmas trees.

Easy to add LED lights and decorations to make a natural and long lasting display Christmas tree.

To ensure safety we have added guy wires (which run inside the branches of the tree) from the centre pole down to a cross base of steel legs which sits on the floor and secures the tree base.


  • Ideal for Shopping Centre and Hotel Foyer, club or a large home foyer
  • Factory recommends this tree is used for indoor purposes only
  • Made with 6½cm soft needles (foliage)
  • 22 Layers and 225 Branches
  • Complete with a sturdy metal stand and a cross bar floor base with guy wire supports from centre pole for greater security at no extra charge
  • An assembly instruction leaflet
  • A free shaping, lighting and decorating guide for your Christmas tree
  • A picture of your tree fully assembled for you to copy
  • A branch count, colour indication and positioning on pole leaflet
  • A 10 year warranty card
  •  6 x Strong cardboard cartons to store your tree for the next season
  • Branches come close to the floor
  • Colour: Dark Green
Height 426cm
Floor Space Required 274cm
No of Tips 5980
Branch Type hook on with x stand for stability
Colour green

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