Brand: Triumph Tree
Product Code: EABAS-32/20-04
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Street Chandelier - Easter Basket - Green - 80cm

We have added this design to our Chandelier range (see above Chandelier Hinged tree) 

Ideal for shopping centres, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. The display element can also be used outdoors

Quick and easy to display, can be lit or decorated to your colour requirements

The price of the Street Chandelier in the picture does not include the lights

Please contact us if you require lighting or decorating


  • Made with 5cm soft needles (foliage)
  • Foliage covered metal frame
  • Size 50cm x 80cm high
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Strong cardboard cartons to store your tree for the next season
  • Colour: Dark Green

Available in:

  • 1 size only

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