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Traditional Swag Garland - Green - 1.52m

The swag can be opened so it can be viewed from all or 3 sides.

Ideal for decorating: foyer areas, walkways, corridors, the mantle, or halls.

The tips are 30cm wide in the centre and then tapered out to each end.

The same design (Alberta) is also available in a Wreath, Garland, Centrepiece and Spray and matches the Scandia Christmas tree in our traditional section.

We can light any swag for a nominal charge


  • 220 tips (foliage)
  • Tip (foliage) soft PVC wired 15cm
  • Foliage wide in middle and tapered to each end
  • Length 152cm
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Colour: Dark Green

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